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My Prayer Tonight

I don’t mean to pray publicly in the synagogues. This is a prayer I hope can be shared, no more and no less.
I pray now a prayer unlike You’ve heard from me yet. Let my prayer be felt in Your heart, not heard in Your ears. Let me be known to You, in all that I am, all that I’ve felt, all that I’ve felt or cared for. Let this be the prayer in which You knew me, and I knew You.Let there be poetry, let there be visions, let there be Father and child here. Let me speak true and speak void of self with an honest heart.

Father I long for a day that sets the numbers aside. The number arrives and I wake, the papers show a number that comes short of the goal for an entity that men have devised. The banks that caption my worth within imaginary money, Father I’m tired of it. I’m exhausted.

The numbers can’t speak to how well I do at raising a child. The numbers don’t speak to the selflessness of my heart. Numbers cannot relate to my love and my compassion. Yet this culture, these people, this world asks that I lay all aside in favor of the numbers. Well I don’t love the numbers. I have no heart for them.

I hear the words of Your messenger. He instructs us to give it all away and follow Him. Yet those that claim to speak on His behalf today are the most prominent proponents of the numbers. How is it that the man who speaks out against the Pharisees is now spoken for by Pharisees?

Yeshua tells us to serve only one master, yet these people speak of a nation more highly than You. They sell nothing and they go against his parables, burying their belongings rather than investing them. And the size of their hoardings is heralded by these people and their nation. My Father these are not Your people. They cannot be, it could never be. Their vanity shows this.

I live among a lie. I live among a people that love false, invisible entities. If they own much, they say “I am blessed.” Why don’t they say “I am a unaware,” or “I serve another master”? And they believe it. It’s truth to them.

Father, to know You in the midst of all this is the most difficult of things. You said that I would be hated for You. And I can see that I will be hated. I am woeful that those who will hate me are those that most firmly believe they do it in Your name. Protect and further this message Father. Let us all soon return to the values of love, and begin our rejection of the numbers and our makings. Let the Pharisees of today be called out for who they are. Provide me with joy, no matter the circumstances. Let me know You, let me be with You, and show me the way to make You proud.

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Occupy Which Street?

From the first mentions of it on Reddit, I have been following Occupy Wall Street and since that time have taken part in an occupation within my hometown. Included in that participation is the creation of a website to facilitate the local Occupy Wall Street voice.

For those that might ask what it was about Occupy Wall Street that gained my attention, let me echo the sentiments of the gentleman that kickstarted our local occupation since I feel he and I have had a very congruent stance on the movement (hopefully beyond the writing of this article).

Occupy Wall Street is a people-powered movement that began on September 17, 2011 in Liberty Square in Manhattan’s Financial District, and has spread to over 100 cities in the United States and actions in over 1,500 cities globally. #ows is fighting back against the corrosive power of major banks and multinational corporations over the democratic process, and the role of Wall Street in creating an economic collapse that has caused the greatest recession in generations.

Basically OWS is against corporations donating huge sums of campaign money to the officials that will regulate them. This is a conflict of interest. We are also against the bailouts of big banks and failing corporations. After they were given our tax dollars, they spent it on huge bonuses, conferences at expensive resorts, and unreasonable severance packages. After that, banks like Wells Fargo, participated in illegal foreclosure tactics. Wells Fargo was fined $85,000,000.00 for their illegal practices. Take the for-profit company, WellCare, that is under investigation of illegally taking 400-600 million dollars from programs like Medicaid and Medicare. Or you can look at the corporations like GE, Bank of America, and ExxonMobil that paid NO TAXES in 2009 and 2010. They even received refunds ranging from $156,000,000 to over 3 billion dollars. All this while receiving trillions in bailouts and cutting up to 20% of their workforce. Can’t forget that the top 20% of earners received almost 50% of all income generated in the US while the bottom 20% received a mere 3%.

We are backed by military, veterans, old and young alike. We come from all different backgrounds, races, creeds, and religions.

I am a gainfully employed late 20’s Union member. You might ask why I would be concerned with this movement if I have a job. Let me first take another step to confuse you. I am also registered as a Republican. Don’t let that speak too much to you though, please.

So the question is, why have I bought in? Most importantly, if a big bank is considered “Too big to fail”, my friends, that is a monopoly. Maybe not in the purest sense, but it has the same volatile nature of a true monopoly. That has got to go. One of the greatest yields of OWS already has been the increased participation in local credit unions and a change in the national news media dialogue from being about debt ceilings and congressional stalemates to the viability of our financial system and the credibility of the big banks.

As the father of a four year old, I’m not going to sit idly by while the culture changes from a nation “By the people and for the people” to a nation that facilitates banks that refer to our nation, the UK, and Canada as plutocracies. It may resemble a plutocracy to you, Citigroup, but it will not remain as such, especially once you abuse that resemblance. In 15 years, my son will be of voting age, and I expect his voice to be heard as clearly as any other voter.

This plutocratic highlighter is starting to mark up our nation, especially through the coopting of the Tea Party from what it once orginally was. Your average citizen of the United States, regardless of party or ideology, should be alarmed. This has to stop.

It is at this point that my angle changes, however. Occupy Wall Street has taken it upon themselves to be certain not to be coopted by any organization or party. I think that is wise. The trouble is like that of any organic growth. I’ve taken a few double takes on OWS lately, wondering what exactly it is that this movement is growing to be.

While listening to Dave Ramsey fielding calls from OWS members for their rebuttals to his article on the movement, and watching Stephen Colbert interview two delegates sent by consensus, I hear more talk about the environment, wealth redistribution, and gripes about unemployment than anything of significant relevance to the financial corruption of our representatives and our financial institutions.

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Colbert Super PAC – Occupy Wall Street Co-Optportunity – Stephen On Location
Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog Video Archive


So I have a question. Is the original intent, to Occupy Wall Street, a throwback to a month ago? What’s going on here? Are we occupying unemployment now? That’s a symptom, fellas. You don’t ask for some Sudafed when your nation has come down with a potentially terminal illness. “But my nose is running.” Strike at the heart of it. In your personal life, perhaps unemployment is the crux of all of your hardships. But on a national level, that unemployment is a symptom among many that is caused by lobbying, integration of our nation and gambling, a debt addicted culture, I could go on and on. All of it comes back to monetary influence on legislation.

And in reference to the environment, yes we do have a multitude of problems. Yes, infinite growth economics is a huge part of it and a cultural change needs to take place there. Once again we can track that problem back to corporations and banks. Strike at the heart of it.

In closing, this message is intended for the 99%. Remember that you are the 99% in voice and power. You’ve come to claim that voice for all time, not this year’s wages. A result of that may be that over time, wealth in this nation or hopefully the world will stop pooling up at the top, but don’t expect the government to do that for you. You’ve come to claim the voice that will do that of your own volition. Start emphasizing. And make that emphasis about voice, about power, about the promise of this nation. The media intends to polarize OWS, especially as though they desire handouts. Be mindful of what you say, what signs you hold up, and stop giving them fodder. The thing I fear more than OWS fading is OWS proving the media right.

A last note for the unfamliar: Here is Occupy Wall Street’s chief site. If you want to know about it, always start here.

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Cyan Studios Procast: Champions Online

Much as I enjoy podcasting, I think I’ve found another niche that will scratch my itch for broadcasting fun. That’s the “Procaster” software from Livestream. So I’ve created a channel and even did a little foray into Champions Online. Expect a lot of stuff on this channel, more than just games too.

Watch live streaming video from cyanstudios at

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Detective 86

Dug up and old piece of writing I did a few years back. I actually enjoyed reading it.. despite having written it. Will distribute in audio form soon.
This is related to a project (or compilation of projects) and hobby I plan to break into.
Since it is such a short piece, the mechanics of the writing style may not be made clear just yet.

Consider that the protagonist is the narrator in this story. The protagonist sees himself as a man worthy of adulation and praise, and as such, interprets anything others say to that effect.

However, once the actual quotes are used, his self perception is betrayed and it’s made clear what a dumb ass he really is.

* * *

It was the annual St. Patty’s Day festival and parade. I was in the tavern on 48th and Constitution doing some investigation.
“That you 86?”

He was among the more respectful of my associates. Always had the info I needed when the clues were in hiding.
“Ain’t no one else’is good lookin,” I replied secretively across the franchise.

“Hey you don’t look so ugly from this far away.”

He sidled up beside me and set some papers on the counter. The barkeep snooped by but I flicked my cigarette at him. He tried to assert himself but I made sure to put him in his place when he reached for my chest.
“Hey my man, ‘zat gold or summin on yer chops cuz it’s all pretty and such” I said with impeccable composure.

“You mind yourself in my bar. I know how you get.”

I gave my comrade a nod and smiled. He was impressed with my authoritative demeanor.
“You’re about a stupid one,” my associate said, full of admiration.

We thumbed through the massive stack of paper clipped pages, studied everything from coffee rings to typos, and concluded that the documents were forged. This all concluded after my twelfth shot, wherein I decided I’d had enough unless I planned to get tipsy.
“I appreciate your help with the documents 86, but I didn’t come here to be manipulated into carrying you home. Get up.”

I managed my way to the bathroom without being noticed and relieved myself in some amazing ways. My rendesvous departed. It was just me and the world again. I liked it that way. The janitor walked in, unaware that the bathroom was occupied. Out of respect for my person he quickly digressed.
“I just cleaned that and we’re about out of 409. Now I gotta make do with Comet.” he said apologetically.

I took little time, with the lead I now had, in briskly walking back to my apartment which was four blocks down. There were many people that didn’t want to see me get back, and I suspected they were in cahoots with my suspects. They planted streetlights and Clydesdales right in my path. It made for a rough ride, a ride that would have killed an ordinary man.
And then I got back to my apartment, hung my coat on the rack, and took a moment to catch up on the Sunday evening news. It was animated.
Exhausted from my day’s worth of service to humanity, I nodded off on the couch. But the phone rang within inches of LaLa Land. It was my sexy damsel. She was missing me.
“Back from Yardie’s yet?”

“Why do you always think I went there,” I reasoned with her.

“I can smell the liquor through the phone.” She was an astute one.

“Coming over?” I asked, a romantic flare in my voice.

“Yea,” and she hung up. She was so excited that she hadn’t any words left to say of the matter.

I showered up and put on my Sunday best, even though it was nearing Monday. Once my hair was blow dryed and slick, she knocked on the door. It was as though everything was synchronized, or written in a story. I answered the door with a rose clinched between my teeth. It was my landlord. I removed the rose and explained the situation. She laughed and expressed how much she envied my damsel.
“Tell her she can talk to me anytime, about anything,” she offered. I then handed her the paycheck for the month’s rent.

“You always strike me as the type that won’t ever turn up with the cash. But you do,” Praise was in her voice. She then left and I readied my rose again.

No sooner had I waved goodbye than I heard my damsel walking up the stairs. So I stood at the door waiting again.
“The surprise would’ve been a bit more effective if you’d waited with the door closed,” my damsel said, shrieking with delight. “And that rose is made of linen.”

I had her right where I wanted her. “What do you want?” I asked, showing my undying interest in her very being.

“My cell. I left it here,” she replied, plowing through the couch cushions and toppling tables. Her primitive side blaring through her hard crust, as my calm and effective mystery triggered her wants and desires.

“You hungry?” I offered, totally brushing off her aggressive tendencies.

“Sure,” she answered. “Anything besides Ramen.”

Ramen was almost all I had. I knew it was her favorite, and she didn’t want me to push my familiarity with her person in her face.

“Pop Tart?”


We had a lovely dinner together for what seemed like a blissful eternity, and after those five minutes she left again. It took me no time at all to make her feel special and content with the evening. I then returned to my couch and pondered the forgeries I’d scrutinized that day. All the while I rested my eyes for what seemed like eight hours.

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Robert Seamans, Cowboy

I’ve seen a good amount of misfortune this week. The greatest misfortune is one that cannot be changed. But there’s another that’s had stemmed growth and this one is not set in stone. So what I’m doing here is taking a heartfelt try at trying to divert the flow. A heartfelt try at putting it right. I’m hoping that as I write this, these following thoughts can do what I remember of my friend some justice.
As a young boy I spent many summers primarily with a young man that may as well have been a brother. We talked philosophy, the nature of humor, and left no subject taboo (teenage boys). He taught me the benefit of having my bluff called and the benefit of a smile in all situations. He knew how to smile and laugh, no matter what. But curiously, he wasn’t trying to fool anyone. If he was sad, he proved that there was a way to laugh despite but in the midst of the sorrow, not betraying it. That was a personality trait I am still learning to adopt.

It was easy to think yourself Robert’s best friend. You always came in after his animals though. Robert & his dog Scooby


In the end, I see his philosophy as something accidentally grown, not structured and never using any one idea as a crutch. If anything, you could only say he was purely and entirely driven by love, and all the rest was residual. The sincerity was there as an outcome of the overall composition of his heart, same with the honesty and contagious facial expressions. It was a life by example. It was a catalyst. A catalyst that spread quick and with permanence. It is a guarantee that my son will be quoting and repeating things that this influential soul left behind, despite having never met him face to face. That’s how strong it was.


His humor was something, I can guarantee, you’ve never seen duplicated. I’d call it a special flavor of random. It wasn’t so much for shock as much as to get you with something you didn’t expect. Soft shock, you might say. Insisting that stucco belonged on furniture or that stucco was self aware, naming his cat “Smoke a Dog”, or saying his feet smelled like peaches and then proving it. This was always the first thing you loved about him. His sense of humor, and his foundation in that.


He is eating his dog. The dog is unphased. Yes, it was par for the Robert course.



I write all of this because one of his other unique traits was reckless abandon on an unruly order. The only thing that he would weigh, in the effort to lift spirits, was the safety of others. His own safety be damned. Whether it was getting himself to pass out or eating a hapless winged arthropod that he snatched from midair, very little was off limits. A lifestyle like this, he and all of us knew, had a good chance of being the death of him. And it turns out, it was. Of all of the hair brained, bizarre ideas he’d had, things that nobody else would even think to do, he was taken in by one of the more mild and more oft participated in risks. Rail sliding. Something I’ve had others admit to me that they’d done at the same place.

A progression I saw many times.


To quote Robert: “Sometimes, I feel like a little ‘Who’, floating around on a speck and screaming ‘I’m here!'”


Family. I don't know what else to say, you had to see him around family.

Now as he leaves us, his presence is being noticed. The reason is because he fell at Coors Field during a Rockies game. As it always was with Robert, you had to know him to understand why he did what he did. Most of us, his closest friends and family, know that he shouldn’t have done this. But that was how it was. Story of his life. You could look at his entire life and say “You shouldn’t have done that,” but this was the only time we could say that without a smile to match his.
It’s easy to comment on a statistic, or a faceless name. But today I’m here to speak for a heart that was so real and permeating, that even in his passing, it still beats. Figuratively and literally. We carry his memories, his phrases, his smile. And as an organ donor, his heart (along with other organs), saved a life. And what I’m writing here today is something that I hope to see outlive every article announcing his death so pragmatically, so objectively. This sentiment, and this proclamation of true love for an old and great friend, this will outlive everything except the memories that are carried by those of us that loved and cherished Robert Seamans II so much.


More than cousins. More than brothers.

I know, with absolute certainty, that I will never stop missing you, “Cowboy?”. But your smile, your loyalty, and your love have inspired me on this Memorial Day. I will mind your virtues and give them new fertile soil to grow in again. You have my word.

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I Take Offense To That

What is the value of taking offense? Consider most human emotions. Most have a value of some sort. Whether or not that value comes in pertinent to modern society (see: stress response), you can still make at least some semblance of sense out of them.  With the constant presence that offense is taking in our culture today, however, I found myself pondering that one specifically. First, I can’t really say that I’ve found a value for it. Then again, my inability to do so may be directly tied to the fact that I’ve never felt that emotion myself.


Well now, I’ve felt strongly opposed to something before. And some might say “Well that is being offended.” In that scenario, it’s a bit different. For now, I’m speaking to those that would outwardly state their feelings on something, and then settle for that alone as though it will have any sort of impact at all.

When taking offense, what does that do? It’s like threatening a corporation with self mutilation if they don’t change. They won’t change, and you’ll suffer for it even more. It’s never seemed like good practice to me to make a to do about my own feelings on a matter when my feelings are the least important of supportive points. The importance is upon what’s actually right. Beyond my own perception.

Let’s say a specific religious organization teaches something that you do not agree with. Well, if you tell them that you’re offended, will they just change for you? No, they won’t. Not usually, and not quickly. They don’t need your support, and that’s all that you barter with when “taking offense”. Have some engaging reactions. Feel something that will make a change. Feel opposed, get motivated, that’s fine. In this case, go learn about them, become part of their community and be a catalyst. Or if you’re a sadist, you can try engaging in debate with them. For once, I can say debating with a religious organization has more merit than something else, which is crying about  your feelings to the ether.

Nobody changed anything in history by saying “I take offense to that”. Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t talk about feeling offended. He spoke of a greater day and a greater vision, and the same can be said for anyone that’s brought change to the world.

So get over it, buck up, and either take action about what you think is right or support a cause that already does.

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Relics of Orr, Guild Wars Podcast

Guild Wars 2 concept art

Some of you might have noticed that my previously mentioned podcasting project, The Faceroll Show, has been inactive for a bit. Real life came and bit us all in the hind quarters, and I’ve lost just about all interest in that which the show was based around, sadly.

But good news. My podcasting aspirations didn’t stop there, they just rerouted. As listeners of Faceroll may have noticed, I have a strong affinity toward the game and lore of Guild Wars. Thus, with Guild Wars 2 on the horizon and hype building, I’ve made a nice little audible homestead on that content with my friends Tasha, Tiger, Chas, and John.

The podcast is called Relics of Orr, and the site behind it is beefy with information and editorials also, so it’s no slouch project. And so far, the listenership has been strong. So if you weren’t aware of this little development, head on over and have a listen.

As to the status of the old podcast, that remains to be seen. I have some ideas kicking around, so it is not safe to say Faceroll has podfaded yet. But it does need a serious repurposing. Comparing listenerships between the two podcasts has made this abundantly clear.

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Deus Ex, Human Revolution

Those that know me well will probably realize just how much this means to me. The original Deus Ex is definitively the one game that I have loved the most. I spent the most time playing it, modding it, actively participating in the community, and engrossing myself in the story. It was a masterpiece above all others especially for its time in 1999 and 2000.

Deus Ex site

The sequel released a few years later with a watered down, anemic Sci-Fi “Look, we updated the graphics” feel. I can’t say that it was awesome nor that it sucked, it just was not Deus Ex. So the fans and the cult-like mentality of those of us that loved it so much, they did not hate the sequel. It just didn’t fit.

I can safely say that if this game keeps going the way that this trailer indicates, that fanbase will turn Lazarus. This alone shows incredible amounts of artistic direction, intelligent writing with that “global” feel we were so overrun with in the original. If this the game does this trailer justice, it’ll be a welcome addition to the Deus Ex franchise.

I have to admit, it blind sided me so my research has not been the most thorough yet, but this is a prequel. And that voice is remarkably similar to the voice which every Deus Ex fanboy only wished he could emulate. The voice of Walton Simons. His real name is Adam Jensen, so it’s not Walton, although I was very excited about that prospect for a bit. Either way, Adam is  the sort of hero that this generation can get behind.

So far, Montreal, you deserve one well deserved pat on the back. If for no other reason, an unforgettable trailer. Hopefully, an upcoming unforgettable game.

Read more;title;1&mode=previews

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Episodic Novel, Coming

My Photoshop rendition of Sion.

Right here, on this site, I will begin a project that I hope will have strong appeal. An episodic story, released via the web in periodic fashion. I plan to use a lot of ideas that I have written down in various scrapbooks over the years, but this time, with this method, I eliminate my largest setback.


I used to always track back into my novels, chapters ago, and change stuff that had a domino effect all the way up until the point that I was at in the story. A common authoring problem, however, I’m pretty sure I overdid this. Releasing the story in episodic fashion will serve to cut that off the moment a chapter is posted. From there, I’m forcing myself as a novelist to go with what I have.

The story will be easiest to classify as SciFi, but not what you typically get from the genre. I intend to have a more tangible fictional universe that most anyone can relate to, fans of SciFi or not. This universe is one where mankind has managed to populate other worlds, but travel from world to world is not a simple affair still. Introducing a much more static “get used to this world, you’ll be here awhile” feel. And plenty of prior planning and backstory to beef up the experience.

Each “race” of people in this story will be highly adapted to their home lands, which will make for extreme variations in human features and tolerances. They’re all human, though. And you can expect a lot of concept art from either myself or inspired readers in the days to come. This is a web project first, a publication or financial investment second. Please subscribe and I hope that many of you can someday know the world that I’ve had in my head for years, and love it the same.

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Stargate Universe, Inadvertently Organic

As tapped into “geek” culture as I try to be, it isn’t always easy. Why? Well, I have a standard that is difficult to meet. I don’t know if you’d want to call it a “high” standard as though I’m some sort of connoiseur of media. I suppose use of the “connoiseur” is very appropriate here though, because it seems my tastes are a little more dry than most people that indulge in this culture. Much like my taste in fermented beverages. But by no means are my tastes “correct”.

It also seems that I may not be so atypical though. Look at the success that was Battlestar Galactica (2004).  People seem to be more and more drawn to stories and verisimilitude over fancy effects and glitz. You had to see that coming with how much more common decent special effects are becoming. It’s like every technological breakthrough. At some point, we get used to it and simply expect it.

Having said all of this, you can understand why a science fiction loving consumer like myself would have issue finding a good show or movie to watch. I’ve seen all of BSG, and I’ll discuss Caprica some other time. I’d like to compare it to this way of thinking. If Dune were to receive a healthy, financially strong cinematic reboot, I think it would do much better than anything that anyone can do in the near future with the Star Wars IP. Dune is more dry (I guess that seemed a clever thing to say), somehow more easily understood and a less glamorous facade that today’s SciFi lovers appear to be oggling.

If there’s a television show that I anticipate throughout the week, it’s either Community, or Stargate Universe. Clearly depending on what genre I’m in the mood for. And to be perfectly frank, and probably to commit internet culture suicide, I did not like much of anything that was done with Stargate after the first movie, until SGU came along. Now, I didn’t get into season 3 of Stargate SG:1, but that was due to my being disenchanted with it. I think it was a “You had to be there” show, like Highlander and StarTrek TNG, which I was there for (though I was a small fry). We didn’t have cable and so I wasn’t there for SG:1, nor Atlantis.

So viewing those in retrospect was no good. Nostalgia didn’t supply the forgiveness that was needed. So what is it about SGU that changes things? This show is a cabarnet. It doesn’t load you up with that sugary “A new planet and culture” every week like old episodic story arc shows did. SGU works off of a story arc that spans several episodes, which is gaining popularity, and fortunately.

One strong thing SGU has going for it was very surprising. When SGU first introduced me to this element in the pilot, I thought it would be the reason I’d hate the show. Eli Wallace (David Blue). I thought for certain this was going to be the outdated idea of a token “Draw the youth in” character. To be honest, I still think that’s what this character was meant to be. But the actor, David Blue, appears to have taken the reins on this, with an understanding of his audience and a better perspective of what today’s “youth” really wants, and formed a realistic character. The guy that plays games, but isn’t pathetic, isn’t entirely incapable of human relationships, and is actually quite well rounded in an unsung fashion. He’s become a forerunner for my favorite next to Bob Carlyle’s Nicholas Rush.

Along with the Eli factor, SGU also strikes me as more scientifically correct. I don’t need it to be flawless, but when that many gates have existed on that many planets for that long, you can’t expect all that many to just send you to a flourishing world with intelligent life in tact. The team on SGU deals with this fact. And as an astronomy nut that could rattle off facts to you about barren chunks of rock, ice, and gas nearby earth that no healthy human should be able to do, I find the barren worlds and how they look to be very appealing and acceptable from SGU.  These guys know their facts.

Sadly, I still do not have cable, and so I cannot watch this show at air time. Hulu has made this a decent way to live, thankfully. NBC (Syfy), however, seems to be a little out of touch with the times. They’ve requested that Hulu put SGU on a one week delay. If it airs on Friday, Hulu can post the episode a full week later. This doesn’t result in viewers changing their schedule to catch it on its air time, nor is it guaranteed to result in viewers seeing the show on Hulu the next week. They’ll either likely forget about the show when they would’ve watched, torrent it, or use some other means to see the show that NBC cannot track nor attribute them to the value of the show. Nice work guys. You will effectively be pulling a Fox if you cancel the show on account of this. Bump it back up, come on. This is the direction everything is going, stop swimming upstream.

As for the show itself, I have yet to have something to complain about. I highly recommend watching Stargate Universe, especially if the Stargate Intellectual Property is something you’ve had difficulty getting interested in during previous shows. Also, I’m not even close to done with writing about this show.

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